Ladyslipper is a North Carolina non-profit, tax-exempt organization which has been involved in many facets of women’s music, and most specifically the Women’s Music & Culture Movement, since 1976. Our basic purpose has consistently been to heighten public awareness of the achievements and recordings by women artists and musicians — especially the thousands of incredibly talented independent artists whose recordings were often overlooked and hard to find.

Since our inception, we have offered many thousands of these recordings for purchase by individuals, shops, schools and libraries, through an extensive annotated print catalog known as The Ladyslipper Catalog & Resource Guide of Music by Women.  From the beginning of the internet age, we have offered even more titles through our even more extensive website, which has also contained information on many out-of-print titles. 

Additionally, we created an independent label to further new musical and artistic directions by women musicians. We have issued recordings by Kay Gardner, Ubaka Hill, Lisa Thiel, Nurudafina Pili Abena, Mary Watkins, Libana, and other innovative artists, most of which are still available, as CD’s and/or downloads.

In 2018 we are transitioning our website to an information and archive website only, because availability — of both physical recordings and digital music — has increased so exponentially across the globe.

We will be a work-in-progress for awhile, as we work towards capturing and archiving as much of our accumulated information online, for use by herstorians and all who love and value musical works by women artists. Please stay tuned.

While we don’t plan to have an extensive online ordering system, we are happy to help you find what you’re looking for, if you aren’t able to find something by using general internet searches. Just email us at info at ladyslipper dot org (you know what we mean).

We thank our many friends and fans of Women’s Music & Culture for your support over the decades. We are honored to have been a part such a rich, vibrant and diverse cultural movement which has endured for almost half a century.